Sunday, February 22, 2009

sweethearts day

for valentines day dave took me back to a place that has been special throughout our relationship...the aquarium in downtown denver. it was there that we went on our very first date in september 2005. it was also there in may 2007 (picture below) he made me think he was going to propose (i was certain it was going to happen. imagine my disappointment...and frustration when it didn't happen).

but it was all part of his plan to throw me off. instead he proposed to me 2 days later when i wasn't even expecting it. 

so we headed back down and enjoyed wandering through the exhibits and had a delicious dinner at the restaurant (which has a great ambiance. one whole wall of the restaurant is an aquarium and you can watch fish and sharks swim by while you eat. and just in case you were wondering, no, they don't pull your food out of the tank and kill it if you order seafood). 

dave also got me flowers (he knows his wife well) and some great stuff from bath and body works (i thought the box below was so cute so i took a picture). the night ended just the way every night should end (but doesn't end). with me getting a nice back massage and foot rub! 

love you baby!

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