Friday, October 17, 2008

smart husband compensates for not so smart wife

we moved into our house about 3 weeks ago. the day we moved in our washer and dryer was delivered by the guy we bought it from off of craigslist. dave quickly realized that the plug and the outlet for the dryer did not match, making it unusable. the next saturday (1 week later) we headed to ace hardware and picked up some supplies to make the plug and outlet compatible. dave headed home and played handyman and we were back in business. or so we thought. later that day i went to check the clothes in the dryer and while it appeared to be working, there was no heat. this meant lots of drying cycles for one load and who has time for that?! dave came home and i explained the situation. he hopped online and we realized it could be a variety of problems (heating element, etc. etc.). life got in the way and the dryer situation fell by the wayside while the dirty laundry piled up. finally it became necessary to do the laundry (i was on my last clean pair of unmentionables). so i threw in a load last night before i went to a meeting and asked dave to keep the dryer going so they would get dry. when i got home dave asked me, “did you ever check the lint trap?” turns out the dryer wasn’t broken. the lint trap was just stuffed to the brim = no heat. dave had assumed that i had checked the lint trap when i discovered the no heat problem and i had assumed the previous owner had cleaned out the lint trap so i didn’t even check. but you know what they say about assuming…it makes a…well, you know. good thing i have a smart husband! and now i have loads of clean laundry!


Seth Jenson said...

same thing happened here at the jenson household when it was still a bachelor bad. ben and dave were not happy! ben complained the loudest as you can imagine. haha.

Amy said...

Funny. Glad your dryer works now. Ours finally dries well after months of it not drying hardly at all. Our problem: the lint vent was clogged and we had to have a guy come clean it out.

Anonymous said...

Well I guess I need a new address for you. I hope you will enjoy your new place. I'm glad you have a blog.