Thursday, October 9, 2008

happy october!

we’re only 9 days into october, but already it’s been great. here’s what’s made me happy this october (and the last weekend in september if you want to get technical):
  • beautiful weather
  • finding a baker’s rack i like at the container store (LOVE that store)
  • getting a new computer
  • cheese pizza and frozen yogurt at costco for dinner
  • getting my dvr back…it’s been 2 years since i lived someplace where i can have satellite tv, but more importantly the dvr!
  • general conference
  • a sweet email from dave
  • getting our house organized (although this is still a work in progress)
  • a surprise visit from erin and john (dave’s sister and her husband)
  • attending the relief society broadcast with my mom
  • getting our whole security deposit back from our apartment when we moved out
  • setting family and personal goals
  • playing kickball with the young women and young men (even if we lost by 1 run)
  • teaching a lesson on temple marriage in young women’s
  • no lines at elitch’s (our amusement park) which meant we rode all the good rollercoaster’s multiple times…a few in a row (without ever exiting our seat…that’s the best)
  • heroes – crazy!
  • the office – yea pam and jim!
  • candy corn
  • the best husband who made my tough day better. this included comfy pants, mac 'n cheese with chicken from noodles and company, roses, purchasing and watching episodes from season 1 of scrubs
  • talking to my friend ashley on the phone (she actually updated her blog too!)
  • babies being born – edyn and owen
  • scripture study where i really felt like i was tutored by the lord
  • shopping with dave
  • talking with my sister and brother on the phone
  • seeing halloween costumes for little kids in the cute!
  • the changing color of leaves
  • watching falling leaves
  • running

i can't wait for the rest of the month!

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Maegan said...

Sounds like you have had a busy month so far. Sorry we could not make it for conference. Next time maybe?