Sunday, November 2, 2008

harvest farm

a few weeks ago dave and i headed an hour and a half north of denver to harvest farm for some fall fun. it was gorgeous weather and the day's activities included:
  • weaving through the corn maze...dave rocked as our navigator
  • a snack of corn along the way
  • hiding in th corn
  • dave acting like a scarecrow
  • visiting the petting zoo and feeding the cow, pigs, sheep and goats
  • dave overcoming a bad experience with a goat when he was younger. this time everything went well
  • a friendly reminder upon leaving the petting zoo that "even pigs wash their hands after petting a goat"
  • a hayride tour of the farm
  • choosing the perfect green squash/gord from the pumpkin patch
  • eating kettle corn fresh out of the kettle
  • watching the kids on the "john deere tricycle track." they were so cute. i had to take a picture of the cute little boy wearing his cowboy hat, wranglers and boots. i tried to be sneaky so his mom wouldn't see some stranger taking a picture of her kid.
  • shooting corn on the cob out of the corn fun!

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Cronin Family said...

How fun is that?! I will for sure take the fam next year.