Thursday, October 9, 2008

conference weekend

i start looking forward to conference at least a month before it happens. this wasn’t always the case. i remember when i was younger conference seemed eternally long and my brother and i would play the dot game or draw on each others back to pass the time (until he decided he wanted to pay attention…what?!). i remember making deals with my parents when i was a teenager that i would go to the saturday sessions of conference if i could sit with my friends (which probably meant i didn’t get much out of it). when i was in high school i had the opportunity to attend conference in the tabernacle and it was an amazing experience. it was powerful to be in the presence of prophets and apostles and general conference came alive to me. since that time i look forward to conference rather than just endure it.

on saturday morning we had some friends over for waffles and to watch conference. we tried to keep the kids occupied with trucks and cars – sometimes it worked, other times it wasn’t as successful. it was nice to have a backyard for them to play in.

we also had my parents over for lunch and conference on sunday. really, there’s nothing better than friends, family, food and conference! isn’t it incredible that we have a living prophet of god on the earth?! we are so blessed to be taught what god would have us know today, especially when the adversary seems to be working overtime to confuse us of what is right and wrong and distract us from what is most important. i am grateful for the truths of god that prophets continue to teach (as they always have), that are unchanging despite the trends of society. i don’t know what i would do without the guidance of gospel truths, along with the spirit, to teach (or usually remind) me what i can be doing differently or better in my life.

my friend mindy’s family has a tradition that she has introduced to us in denver (since all her family is in utah). during the priesthood session all the women and kids get together for soup and homemade donuts (obviously the donuts are the main attraction). the guys join in the fun after the priesthood session (and hope there is food… especially donuts left) and share one thing they learned from the priesthood session. it was a lot of fun and dave ate about 15 mini donuts…that sounds like something i would do with my mega sweet tooth! i think it turned his world upside down when mindy told him they were made out of potatoes aka spudnuts.

my mom even joined in on the fun! it was fun to have her meet my friends

donut masters! jaimie mixing the glaze and mindy and katie frying them up! yum!

sacsha discovered water this night. she wasn't happy when her mom took away the cup.

me, haley, katie and mindy

mindy and i serve in the young women's and haley is one of our awesome young women. katie doesn't turn 12 until january, but we are lucky enough to have her attend our activities already. these girls rock and we are so happy to work with them!

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