Thursday, October 16, 2008

the blog-o-sphere

i have always loved people watching. i often watch others and wonder what is going on in their lives. i look out my window as i drive down a busy street and wonder where each person is going, what do they do for work, are they happy or has it been a rough day. the airport is one of my favorite places to people watch and i’m always curious about where people are going. are they traveling for business or pleasure? are they going to visit someone they haven’t seen for awhile? i love people and relationships and i am just so intrigued by other people and their lives. suddenly a whole new world of “virtual people watching” has been opened to me. i know that dave thinks i have an “unhealthy” obsession with blogs and perhaps that is true. however he should understand since he has some “unhealthy” obsessions of his own (and a little quirky i might add…but i love that i know those quirks).

i was just sitting and thinking about what it is that sucks me into the world of blogging. it’s almost like an addiction where i need my daily fix and i am disappointed if there aren’t sufficient updates. i have realized that i love stepping into someone else’s world to observe the significant and insignificant happenings of their days and lives. it doesn’t matter if they live across the country or down the street, i love getting a glimpse of people’s comings and goings. it is my “virtual people watching.” some people have the amazing ability through their writing that makes me feel like i am watching their experiences from a corner of the room in their house, gaining incredible insight into who they are. i admire that talent and wish i had it. i love feeling like i am a part of their life, even if it is only virtually.

i am inspired by what i “see” (read) happening in their lives: their patience with their children, their ability to laugh at the small things, their courage in pursuing their dreams, their capacity to love their children even when it’s not easy, their steadfast faith in trials, their willingness to admit when things are hard or not perfect, their love for others, their pursuit of living passionately, their goal to take pleasure in day to day life and their desire to be better. it motivates me to be a better person. i love the blog-o-sphere!


Gina said...

Kirtis makes fun of me, but it is so addicting, I am always checking blogs. I love it!

Anna Cosby said...

Okay, the melting pot pics are making me drool. I sooooooooooo want to go there. Reunion 2010 can we make it a must?

Seth Jenson said...

good for you! i think it's cool that you are so interested in other people and observant.