Thursday, October 9, 2008

if you need a couch moved...

we bought our couches 1 year ago and had them delivered by the furniture company. by the time the delivery guys made it to our 3rd floor apartment they were dying and wished us luck getting the couches out when we moved. well, we moved 2 weeks ago and as you can imagine we weren’t looking forward to moving our couches out. after all, the professionals who move furniture for a living struggled getting the couches around the corners of our stairwell and we are just amateurs. leading up to the move dave repeatedly said that he wanted avoid the stairwell altogether and just buy some rope and lower them over our balcony. so that’s what we did. thanks to our skillful (and buff) brother-in-laws, john and sterling, the couches made it down without incident (i will admit i was a little nervous)!

thanks to all our great friends and family who helped. and since the guys who helped us move don’t read this blog, thank you to their wives who shared their husbands on a saturday morning.