Wednesday, November 13, 2013

my little artist!

logan creates so much artwork at school and i am always so excited when i pick him up to see what he has created. i'm not always the best at doing crafts with my kids, so i am grateful for his wonderful preschool where he gets to create a lot! but all that artwork is stacking up fast and i don't have enough space to display it. so in an attempt to capture the memory of his artwork for long after it's gone, i took a picture of some of my favorites (posted in no particular order).
 [the one on the left is a tee pee]
[logan's first time writing his name by himself! we're so proud!]
[i love this little squirrel with a shredded wheat cereal tail!]

[little "worm" poking through the apple]
[a germ]
[logan colors a lot of pictures for his dad. when he gets home from school he often won't show me what he has colored because it is for his daddy.]
[fall leaves. most of which have fallen off by the time i took this picture]
[i pulled apart this cute little booklet for the picture. i love it!]
[this is the little flag for logan to carry around while singing his school song!]
[in september there was a pancake breakfast at logan's school. in preparation for it, the kids painted a picture of pancakes with little pats of butter! the painting was waiting for us at the breakfast.]
 [logan paints a lot at school. these are just 2 of many, many paintings that he has done.]
 [artwork to go along with nursery rhymes and the book, "the napping house"]
[i love that his cornucopia has 2 different kinds of cookies and sprinkles in it. he is definitely my kid!]
[this is from church, but i thought it was so cute! logan has a fantastic sunbeam teacher and one sunday after learning about animals she sent him home with a porcupine, which is so cute, and a bunch of foam animal stickers. after logan put all the stickers on the paper, we had to take a picture and text it to his teacher.]
[and just a few of emma's creations]
[the 2 pictures above are crafts from emma's speech therapy. we're working on her "f" sound and so the leaves are falling off the tree and the turkey has feathers! the turkey on the right is actually logan's.]

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