Saturday, June 7, 2014

connor: 10 months

time is flying by way too fast. life with this little guy keeps getting more and more fun! 
he is trying to pull himself up to standing (using our kitchen chairs, coffee table, tv stand)
he has the best fluffy hair. it sticks up in the back and people always comment on it!
he started sitting up in his crib, so it was time to lower it!
 saying mama - and in reference to me!
waving goodbye (sometimes)
he is super happy and bubbly
he no longer wants to lay down in the bath. he loves to sit up and splash.
he is getting faster at crawling
he sleeps on belly with his bum in air (which is the cutest)
he loves watson the glo-worm
he was uninterested in his baby food one night, so we gave him a piece of pizza and it was a hit!
first time trying goldfish (that his siblings left out)
he is enjoying his newfound freedom and is crawling all over. his favorite spots are turning on the x-box and pulling out all the puzzles. he can often be found under table and under the computer desk (pushing the buttons on the printer). these were all favorite spots for logan and emma too. 
the thomas the train puzzle is his absolute favorite. he pulls it out any chance he can. 

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