Monday, June 9, 2014

connor crawls and other milestones

on may 8th, while we were at emma's gym jammers class, connor crawled for the first time!  it was so exciting! we were sitting on the floor in the gym where her class met and suddenly he was crawling. i watched stunned for a minute before i jumped up and got my phone. it took a little coaxing to get him to do it again for the camera. since then he's been a crawling machine and he is so happy with his newfound freedom! i love seeing the predicaments he gets himself into! and i have been very  aware of how dirty my floors are, as he seems to find even the tiniest crumbs and everything goes in his mouth!

for the sake of memories, i also wanted to record that on april 6th i weaned connor. it was months earlier than i had hoped, but with his 6 teeth (and especially the top 4 teeth) and his affinity for biting me, i couldn't do it any longer. he had started biting a month earlier, but by april 6th it had gotten so bad i just couldn't do it anymore. even though it was too painful to continue, it made me really sad to stop. it's been pretty cute watching him hold his bottle though! 
and this sweet guy has started saying "mama," and sometimes it's even in relation to me!

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