Sunday, June 8, 2014

slice of life: life lately

my mom donated the stove portion of the little kitchen my grandpa made (and that we grew up playing with) and i had to take a picture of it. 
fun at the zoo

connor's first time in the shopping cart
i finally tried cookie butter. yum!
free breakfast at chick-fil-a
i left the park and discovered this :( thankfully I pulled over across the street from the kindest man. he noticed my plight and used his AAA benefits to get my tire changed, invited us to wait on his porch, brought the kids juice and some of his grandkids toys to keep them entertained. it was a powerful reminder that the lord is aware of us (i don't think it was by chance i ended up parked where i was) and hears and answers prayers (and often through other people). and that there are good, good people in this world!
looking at rolly pollies and showing some bum crack!
foam rolling as a family!
group hug! i think someone was a little overwhelmed with all the love and was planning his exit strategy.
from january to the end of may emma was in a little gym jammers class where they did all sorts of movement and music activities. miss hannah, her teacher, was incredible and we met some great friends. miss hannah got a new job and we were so sad to see her go.  
she was in class with some great kids (who have great parents!)
we celebrated national chocolate chip cookie day!
80 degree weather = beanie weather for emma!
logan made a clay dinosaur (on a rocket) at school and chose to give it to his friend tuck!
so many amazing places to explore!
oh the fun that can be had with a box
however, when you put the box on the coffee table and try to climb in, things can turn ugly. the coffee table won this battle. i wasn't sure if it was bad enough to need stitches, but my car was in the shop (of course, when something like this happens) and my friend mindy came over and instead of heading to the mall to play like we had planned, we headed to the doctor. logan was not happy about it and threw a fit the entire ride (and also threw a coloring book).
luckily they could just glue it instead of stitches, which is a good thing because logan was going ballistic. the entire time it was getting glued, logan was yelling at the doctor,"get away from me" and "get out of here." let's just say he isn't the toughest guy when it comes to sickness or injury ;)
connor was refusing his baby food, so we gave him a slice of pizza and he loved it!
whoops! i'm not quite sure how i totally missed her shoulder blades. #momfail
after a hiatus from markers, i thought the kids might be ready for them again. or not...

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