Tuesday, March 5, 2013


i've now been 32 for a month now and decided it was time to blog about my birthday weekend. ironically i don't have a single picture of myself or any of the fun festivities, i must have been having too much fun! but i have pictures of my 2 cute peanuts from my actual birthday and that is definitely better (way better) than nothing! so many of the things i did to celebrate this year were fairly ordinary and revolved around my little family, which seems appropriate since they are my greatest joy. as i get older my birthday has less to do with presents and more to do with the people i get to spend it with (although don't get me wrong, i definitely don't mind being spoiled with a few presents either :) and dave did great getting me a new straightening iron and this awesome book i've been wanting). i was able to spend time with great family and friends throughout the weekend including:

meeting dave after work on friday at the mall for a quick dinner and playing at the play place for the kids. saturday started with kickboxing and then a yummy early dinner date with dave (sans kiddos thanks to my in-laws). at the last minute i decided i wanted to try and get together with some friends for dessert. so after a great date with dave, i got to spend the night with some wonderful friends talking and eating yummy cheesecake (talking, treats and friends = 3 of my favorite things)! 
monday (my actual birthday) started out with a run outside. the weather was gorgeous and i remember thinking, "thanks colorado for such beautiful weather on my special day!" what made the day the absolute best was that dave had the day off! it made the day seem even more special. after my run we went out for breakfast! going out to breakfast is one of my favorite things (i would choose going out to breakfast over going out to dinner most days. i really love breakfast foods). there was a longer wait than we expected (it was a random monday morning. why weren't people at work?!) and so dave took the kids on a little walk while we waited to be seated. little did i know they were up to something and i found a bouquet of gerber daisies waiting for me in the car after breakfast! i wanted to go swimming and so after breakfast we headed to a fun rec center. our kids are little water babies and we had so much fun! we headed home for naps and i was lucky enough to get back to back visits from dave's grandparents, dave's parents and my parents. it was a day filled with family! logan was also willing to finally try out his strider bike outside and emma wanted to ride too. i can't get over how cute she looks in that helmet!
and logan insisted on riding up and down our neighbor's stairs 
we finished up the night with a pizza picnic and a movie with the kids
i even got one more day of celebrating in and went to breakfast (again!) the day after with some friends! such a great birthday weekend spent with wonderful people, good food and no cooking :) bring on 32!

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