Friday, March 15, 2013

wessler baby #3 is a...

just kidding ;) well, not about the baby part. that part is true.
but the ultrasound below shows that it's a baby boy
yes, the arrows are pointing to what you think ;)
so here's the rundown of how the whole gender revel happened. we had our 20 week ultrasound yesterday morning. the kids thought it was pretty cool to see the baby (even though i'm sure it wasn't quite what they were expecting. it was too cute when emma waved to the screen and said "hi baby!" she loves talking to my belly and is constantly trying to pull up my shirt so she can talk to the baby). we decided to do something a little different this time and not find out the gender at that moment. we had kicked around the idea of not finding out at all, but that didn't happen. maybe next time ;) they sealed the results in an envelope for us, along with the ultrasound above. and they took the envelope sealing job really seriously and not only taped it, but stapled it shut! 
neither of these pictures are very good, but what can you do?! 
earlier today i dropped off the envelope to my wonderful friend mindy (who opened it in front of me and thoroughly enjoyed knowing before we did what we were having). i asked her to make us a cake and dye it either pink or blue depending on what we were having. tonight we had our families over and found out together. it was really fun!
when people came in i had them choose their side...boy or girl and take the appropriately colored ribbon.
team boy (and logan)
team girl
the moment of truth
we could see blue when i pulled the knife out from the initial cut
not everyone was happy about the news. logan had really wanted a girl. i had talked to him about how we don't get to choose if it's a boy or girl, that heavenly father chooses who to send to our family. but in the moment that did not console him. he instantly burst into tears and had a bit of a meltdown (which was kind of hilarious. he is so cute). 
until daddy saved the day and convinced him that having a brother would be great! logan's already informed me that the BOYS are going camping and emma and i are not allowed :)
so now we get to start thinking about a new little boy joining our family...and figuring out a boy name (and re-painting emma's bright pink wall)! i have to admit i have to adjust a little to this news. i was really hoping for a girl. although if i reflect over the last few days, i think somehow i knew deep down that it was going to be a boy (even though i remained team girl as my pick tonight. i was still hoping for a girl). i think i even subconsciously picked a blue necklace to wear tonight (the other option i was considering was pink :).  but no matter what i initially wanted, i am so excited for for this little guy to come join our family. he is going to be so loved!


Alison @ Oopsey Daisy said...

Awww what a fun gender reveal! So excited for you to have another boy! :) (And PS how are you already 20 weeks?! Time is flying!}

Cara said...

HOORAY! so excited for you!!!

Megs said...

so excited about another boy. Logan's reaction was the best. My boys love having brothers so much we have created a new holiday called "brother's day." Blake is already planning all the festivities. So excited for you!!