Saturday, March 9, 2013

day of love

by the time valentine's day arrives, we've had a steady stream of christmas, dave's birthday and my birthday. which means the budget for doing anything big is pretty much shot. so we keep things simple. but i still wanted to show my love for the loves in my life, so i heart attacked everyone's bedrooms and told them some of the things i loved about them.  
pete and kathy brought these darling super hero shirts for the kids (complete with capes) and the kids love them (and so do we, they look so cute). not the best picture of them (especially emma who only has one pigtail in), but i wanted to remember them in these cute shirts! 
dave and i had a nice candle-lit dinner after the kids went to bed (and played games and ate ben and jerry's ice cream), so i made them quesadillas for dinner. i thought i'd be cute and clever and cut a little heart in them, but logan was not pleased (he actually cried). cute dave always arranges the pieces of quesadilla in the shape of an "L" and an "E" for the kids and logan wanted his "L." i just had to laugh. here i was trying to do something fun and it just made logan cry. oh well!  
(that piece of paper behind the quesadillas is a sweet love letter from dave! he is so thoughtful...and often surprises me with love letters even when it's not valentine's day)
i'm so grateful for these sweet people who i love and who love me!

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