Friday, March 15, 2013

girls weekend - 2013

the other night i fell asleep thinking about my friends. besides my faith and family, my friendships are the most important thing to me. as i think back over my life so far, i feel so blessed with the friends who have come into my life along the way. i have incredible friends from all different "parts" of my life: the ones i have known my whole life, friends from school growing up, friends from church, from soccer, from cheerleading, friends from the dorms in college, pre-mission college friends, mission friends (i had been blessed before my mission to serve with "eternal friends" and boy did that blessing prove to be true), post-mission college friends, friends from my time in washington dc, singles ward friends, work friends and now church and "mom" friends. all of these different friends have been such blessings to me and some of the greatest have been these 6 girls. 
we now are living our different lives coast to coast (and in between) and only get together every 3 years, but these girls continue to bless my life and influence the person i am, just like they did when we lived together in college. this is our third reunion, the first was in utah and the second was in seattle. this time we met up in arizona. my friend amy, who lives in tucson and was pregnant with her fifth child suggested we head south before the little bambino arrived. arizona in january sounded great to the rest of us (although sunny arizona let us down and got hit with a cold snap while we were there. it was the only thing about the weekend that wasn't perfect). thanks to wonderful husbands who held down the fort (we left a combined total of 23 kids between the 7 of us...with 2 on the way), we were all able to be together (and the more i talk with people, the more i realize how amazing it is that we do this and that all 3 times everyone has been able to come). 
we managed to do a few of our regular reunion activities:
pedicures, attending a session at the temple and shopping. and of course eating at lots of yummy places: in 'n out, crackers & co. cafe, cafe rio and rosa's (AMAZING mexican food. the shrimp and fish tacos were so good)! we were also able to meet up with another old roommate, corinne, who lives in gilbert for part of the reunion. 
by far the best part of this trip was talking! and if you know me, that's not surprising ;) we didn't do as many "touristy" things this reunion, but just spent a majority of our time talking. and i don't think any of us minded one bit. we even rented a couple of movies from redbox, but didn't get close to putting them in. we talked late, late into the night every night until we just couldn't keep our eyes open any longer...and then we'd manage to talk just a little longer (christine even snuck in a power nap one night in order to make it through to the end of the chat fest - 2 pictures up). these girls are so fun (and funny) and so wise. i love how in spite of our time apart, there is no pretending or holding back. we get together and it's as if no time has passed. i love how we can talk honestly about anything and everything (and trust me, we covered a broad spectrum of topics), without any fear of judgement. instead you are validated and encouraged. they are such special friends! i left them feeling so rejuvenated, wanting to be a better wife and mother and disciple of christ and just ready to face "real life" again. i already can't wait for 2016! 

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Megs said...

Such a wonderful trip. I am grateful every day for our roommates!