Sunday, February 24, 2013

dave's birthday!

we celebrated 31 years of dave on sunday, january 20th! i think the highlight of his birthday weekend though was the day before, when he got to go on an all-day date with his mom. they went to the new colorado history museum, lunch, the molly brown house (he's a history lover, can you tell?!) and ended up at the video game store! of course the thing he loved most was spending all day with his mom! 
(a birthday wake-up by the 2 cutest alarm clocks...although knowing him, he'd been awake for an hour)
dave wanted to have our families over for dinner on his birthday. he planned the menu and even did the cooking (that's more like a birthday present to me!). he loves to cook and doesn't get to do it often, so he whipped up some tasty sliders and bbq grilled chicken and our kind families brought chips, potato salad, drinks and baked beans. we celebrated the birthday boy with homemade oreos (one of his favorites) and root beer floats. it was great to celebrate with everyone.
our two little helpers
logan, the sous chef (above) and emma, the maid (below)
emma sure is a cute maid wearing my ruffled apron and a chef's hat. she loved helping me clean the bathroom! she loves to help!
we love you david james and are sooooo, sooooo glad you were born! you make life so wonderful!

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