Saturday, March 9, 2013


it only seems right to blog about our fun in the snow, while more snow is falling outside as i type. we've barely had any snow this winter and when we finally got some, the kids could not wait to get outside and play in it.
kisses for our little snowman from emma
i realized i don't have any gloves for the kids, so they wore the stretch gloves dave and i wear running. they were just a bit big on them!
my snowman making skills were pretty pathetic, but the kids didn't seem to mind (and the mini carrot was the perfect nose for such a small little snowman).

a few days later we got some more snow and the kids "helped" dave shovel. he was lucky to have such good helpers :)
we desperately need the moisture from the snow, so it's a good thing we're finally getting some. but i am so over winter (like i am every year) and ready for springtime! 

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