Wednesday, August 1, 2012

christmas in july: brothers of the sun tour

a couple weekends ago i cashed in my awesome christmas present from dave to see tim mcgraw and kenny chesney together in concert! after 7 months of waiting i had almost forgotten about it! kari was my date for the night and we had a great time! things got off to an exciting start. after driving around for forever trying to find a parking spot (and having 2 separate lots close right before we were about to enter them), a police officer outside of one of the lots told us where we were going to have to go to park and it was going to be quite the hike to the stadium. i was sure we could find something closer and sure enough, on a street outside of some townhouses kari parallelled parked like a pro and we were on our way. as we were walking to the stadium we ran into the same policeman from earlier and he was surprised to see us so soon. when we told him where we parked he told us we would probably be towed. we really didn't want to have to walk all the way back to our car to check, but we definitely weren't going to risk getting towed. luckily our kind police officer friend was willing to give us a ride! it was both kari and i's first time riding in a cop car :) we got to where we had parked, checked the signs and we were good! we got a "police escort" right up to the stadium doors! it was pretty good service (and a funny story to tell)!
the concert was awesome! we were way up, up, up in the stadium but it didn't matter. tim mcgraw played first and i just have to mention that he wore all white. seriously! white jeans and a tight white top and a white belt (with a black cowboy hat for some variety i guess). i told kari he might be the only guy who could pull that off (although i still thought it was kinda funny). he played a lot of old stuff, which i loved. 
then kenny chesney played and he is such a great entertainer! he is all over the place. i couldn't help but think what incredible shape he must be in to run all over while singing and not sound winded. and to do it for a couple of hours! even though they played a concert together, they both played for about 1.5-2 hours each! before kenny chesney's song, "boys of fall" (which is about football) he even had peyton manning come out on stage. he got a huge welcome from denver! and then kenny and tim played together. they took turns singing each of their songs and they honestly both looked like they were having the time of their lives singing together (even though they've probably done it tons of times). i had seen each of them in concert before, but it was years ago. it was such a fun night! and great people watching i must add! i just love concerts. and boy do i love country music!!
by the time the concert ended it was late. we followed the crowd out of the stadium and thought we were on the right track to get back to our car, but we got totally turned around (which really isn't hard for me. sense of direction is not something i was blessed with). i kinda remembered the name of the street we parked on and a police officer pointed us in the right direction. unfortunately he pointed us the long way and we were walking through a scary part of town and by this time we were walking and all the sketchy dudes that were roaming and driving by, honking and calling out their windows at us. we finally started running and were so happy to finally see the car! that's when we realized there was a way more direct route, that was a lot more populated. oh well, at least he got us there. all in all, it was a great night! thanks dave for the present, it rocked!

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