Tuesday, August 7, 2012

emma: 15 months

i know these posts aren't the most interesting for people, but they seem to be the only way i can remember what my babies are doing at different stages (and it has been so fun to look back and remember what logan was doing at whatever age emma is currently at). i can't believe how quickly i forget the little things they do and i want to remember each and every little one. so here goes!
  • she still loves to eat and will eat almost anything (although she has gotten a little pickier as she gets older), but fruit is by far one of her favorites. i think she could eat a costco flat of peaches in one day if i let her (and i swear she doesn't even chew her slices, just slurps them down). 
  • she packs her mouth full of food all the time. these days it is usually grapes or an entire pack of fruit snacks (no joke, the whole pack in her mouth at once).
  • when we tell her it's time for bed she'll walk to her bedroom. she will almost dive out of our arms into her crib when she is really tired and ready for bed.
  • she is constantly standing up in the bath, and even a slip or two hasn't stopped her from doing it again. she also loves to put her face totally in the water in the bath and lay on her belly and turn her head to the side and lay her ear in the water.
  • she is always putting her finger up her nose. and she gets it way up there. awesome.
  • she's been officially walking for about a month now (a week or two before she turned 15 months) and i love it! it's so fun for me to witness the transition from crawling to becoming a full time walker. plus i love her little jellies!
  • she loves to stand and spin in circles.
  • she loves music and instantly starts dancing when music starts. it is the cutest!
  • she is dramatic! i don't know if it is a girl thing or just her personality (or probably a bit of both), but she's a bit of a drama queen! she lets us know if she isn't happy about something.
  • she is squishy and snuggly! i can't get enough of her snuggles.
  • she only gets her binky when she sleeps, so it stays in her crib. lately she's been pushing down her crib bumpers in order to sneak out her binky. and then she acts all coy when she gets caught.
  • she has lots of teeth! and she loves to give a big toothy grin!
  • she loves to "clean up" and help put stuff away.
  • she loves to mimic whatever we do: brushing hair, putting on a necklace, wiping the counter, dusting
  • she loves the vacuum and follows me around and gets right in front while i'm vacuuming. it slows the process down a bit, but at least she's not scared of it like logan was at that age. she thinks it's totally entertaining.  
  • logan is really into "yo gabba gabba" right now and therefore emma loves it too. as soon as the opening music starts she is dancing and squealing!
  • she is such a babbler. she is constantly talking and while she still isn't really saying any words, she seems more like she is trying to communicate with us and she is usually able to get her point across, even without words. she is also trying to mimic what we say more (and i swear she has copied some of our words, but then i can't get her to say it again).
  • she has also become quite the squealer. especially in church which is just perfect ;)
  • she understands so much. because she doesn't talk, i think i sometimes forget how much she still understands. i love when i ask her to bring me something or point to something or do something and she responds. it is soo much fun!
  • she is soo wiggly! we thought logan was busy, but he was nothing compared to emma. she is always on the go. it makes scripture study, church and even reading books a challenge.
  • she loves to go through and empty out bags. during relief society and sunday school at church she literally empties out the entire (totally stuffed full) diaper bag. but it keeps her occupied so i don't bother cleaning it up until the class is over.
  • she loves to give open mouthed, wet kisses!
  • she loves her lovey (blanket)! 
  • she is becoming quite the little climber. 
  • she is quite girly. she loves jewelry and is always putting on necklaces. she also loves to have her hair brush and loves to primp.
  • she gives high fives
  • she loves to stand in front of fans and have the air blow on her. as soon as we turn on a fan she hurries to get in front of it.
  • she loves to open drawers and cupboards! boy she loves getting into things :)
  • she is a genuinely happy baby and gives her smiles freely to others. she charms people wherever we go! we sure love her!! 
15 month stats:
24 pounds, .5 ounces - 70th percentile
31 inches - 74th percentile
head - 47 cm - 75th percentile

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