Wednesday, August 15, 2012

diva dash

a couple of weeks ago my friend mindy and i ran in a women's obstacle 5k run. mindy found a deal on living social and it sounded fun, so we decided to go for it. it was held at the boulder reservoir, so we headed up together and our families met up with us at the finish line. i was a little disappointed that mindy and i weren't dressed more "appropriately" as divas for the race. we didn't wear a tutu or have funky socks or blinged out tank tops, but we still had fun. although, both of us were actually disappointed in the obstacles. they were kinda lame and not quite as challenging as we were hoping or expecting. but it did add a little something extra to a 5k. maybe we should try out the tough mudder if we're really looking for challenging obstacles, eh?!

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Jessica said...

You gals look dashing! What fun.