Tuesday, August 14, 2012

goodbye rawlings

my sister angela and her family moved to utah on sunday. even though i knew for months that it was going to happen, i didn't let myself think about it much. i kept hoping for a "local miracle," a job opportunity here in denver that would allow them to stay. but this past week i couldn't deny it any longer. i spent days helping her pack and saturday dave provided a lot of muscle while i cleaned like crazy. as we drove away from their house for the last time the emotion of them leaving hit me and i began to cry. sweet logan asked from the backseat why i was feeling sad and i told him i didn't want the rawlings to leave. he was quiet for a moment and then said, "i'm feeling sad too." when i asked him why he said it was because he didn't want mark (my brother-in-law) to go to utah. he then told me i could have his fuzzy blanket when we got home to help me feel better. i couldn't help but smile at his thoughtfulness and how perceptive he is at just 3 years old. that night we went to my parent's house to say our final goodbye. angela and i hugged (and laughed a little) in the driveway and then i got in my car to leave. this time logan said with a big smile, "did ang help you feel better?!" i sure love that little dude! it still hasn't sunk in that they are really gone. they've definitely left a void. i learned so much from watching my sister mother, our friendship grew stronger and i loved watching our kids together. they built such a special friendship from seeing each other so often. i hate to think of the first time that logan asks to play with lexi, josh, myles, cade or carter. we're excited for the new opportunity and adventure this is for their family and we're excited to visit them in their new home. i still just wish it didn't have to be in a whole new state. 
 these kids love emma! they're always trying to hug her and hold her (which she tolerates in varying degrees).
 we missed lexi. she was at a youth activity.
not my cutest look, but after cleaning all day long i just didn't have it in me to do my hair or put on makeup.

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