Tuesday, December 13, 2011

tis the season

i love this time of year! so far we've been...
 decorating the tree! 
logan "helped" and i love how all the ornaments he put up ended up in one little section. we've had to have multiple talks and "reminders" that we just look at the ornaments on the tree and don't pull them off. i love decorating the tree and reminiscing about memories associated with each ornament we put up.
 trying out some costume options for our reading of the christmas story (or just playing with daddy's scarf, but they do make cute shepherds or mary and joseph, right?!)
 unwrapping the book for our christmas book advent. i have loved doing this. logan gets so excited to unwrap his book and read it every night before bed.
 one night we read "the polar express." it started like this...
 but then emma needed to get a better look at her daddy...
 and it ended like this...
 nothing like a good snuggle!

this season has been even more fun since logan "gets it" more this year. he loves seeing the christmas lights and the inflatable characters in people's yards. as much as i don't like them, i love how excited he gets to see them. we go out of our way to see the santas on our street and wave as we pass by and he can't wait to see the snowmen and penguin on the way to the store and gym. i've loved getting christmas cards (although i don't know if ours are going to happen this year...it's not looking too promising since it's already the 13th), listening to christmas music (i love the polar express station on pandora) and the chance i've had to think more about the true meaning of christmas and try and teach it to logan. i've tried to make this season more meaningful and christ centered. 
still to come:
  • taking the kids to see santa
  • a girls night with my mom, sister and niece to see the nutcracker
  • zoo lights
  • making and decorating sugar cookies
  • driving around to see the lights
  • watching "the nativity story," "elf" and "white christmas"
  • shopping for our giving tree gifts
  • a couple of christmas parties

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