Sunday, December 25, 2011

emma: 8 months

good at maneuvering around on her bum
scoots backward
she is close to crawling. she gets into the crawling position constantly, but has yet to actually crawl
is babbling a lot more. i love it!
grabs anything within reach and puts it in her mouth
loves paper
is content to sit and play with toys
has started getting upset when logan takes her toys
loves to eat! she pounds the baby food. she has also tried string cheese, raisin bran (a flake), captain crunch and an apple thanks to logan's generosity
she loves gerber puffs and is good at feeding herself
is finally sleeping in a crib instead of a pack 'n play!
loves to pull out and play with her binky. usually she can get it back in on her own.
went through a faze for about a week of sticking out her tongue
loves to look at herself in the mirror
she has her daddy's ears (and is looking more and more like him, although a prettier version)

she loves to be with her brother and play with him (as much as she can at this point)
lights up when she sees her daddy
is super smiley
is content to be held by anyone
 is social and loves to be with people
we know we're bias, but we think she is beautiful

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