Thursday, December 8, 2011

naughty and nice

logan often takes a book into his bed with him during naptime. the other day i thought i heard ripping coming from his room. i went in to check and found this! i couldn't believe it. he was really going to town. and go figure, it was a library book.
the other night we watched the first presidency christmas devotional. logan had to go to bed before the prophet spoke. so the next morning he asked to watch president monson. i pulled up his talk and much to my surprise he sat and watched the entire 14 minute talk. since then he has asked to watch it again! i'm glad he loves the prophet!

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Stephanie said...

The only books my children have (maliciously, not accidentally) ripped have been library books. And there have been 3 of them. It's like they know that's the most annoying and expensive way to rip a book. Dang kids.