Monday, December 5, 2011

thanksgiving 2011

thanksgiving already seems a long time ago since the christmas season seems to be in full swing. i'm actually having a hard time even remembering what we did. but this much i remember, it was wonderful! dave had wednesday, thursday and friday off and it was fantastic having him home for FIVE days straight. i think i was as excited for his break as he was...and probably as sad to see him go back to work as he was (ok, i'm sure he was more sad than me). what i remember...the boys going on a donut run, lots of hanging out, watching "big bang theory" (love that show), the blanket fort in logan's room that i was told multiple times was "just for the boys" (although near the end i was allowed in to play), walks, runs and a killer thanksgiving morning turbo kick class.  
 fun times in the blanket fort. dave would build up a block tower...
 and logan would promptly knock it down
 and i had to include this picture of logan's pants falling down because i think it is hilarious!
the waist on these pants is HUGE and so the lowrider look is a common site when he wears them. 
we spent thanksgiving day with dave's family. this was the only picture i took of anyone, just as we were all getting ready to eat. as is custom at the wessler home, the food was delicious and there was lots of it! we lucked out and our contribution was a fruit salad. i can't complain about cutting up fruit as my thanksgiving task! i am still dreaming of the yummy apple dessert things kathy made. we were also able to visit dave's grandma at the hospital and i was able to meet my friend's brand new baby girl. 
 i did make sure we got a family picture!
when we got home dave and i shared with each other the things we are grateful for. at times it's easy to focus on what we don't have or wish we had and i think it is so powerful to stop and take note of all we have to be grateful for, because we really are blessed. i'm hoping to be better at living with an attitude of gratitude all year long. 

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