Sunday, December 25, 2011

growing up

recently logan and i were talking about how old he is. he knows he's 2, but this day he decided he was 4. and then he said, "no mom, i'm twenty." and i thought to myself, i'm still coming to terms with you being two and a half. slow down kiddo! this was only made more clear as i was listening to taylor swift's song, "never grow up" while driving and i got teary eyed and had to reach into the back seat and squeeze logan's leg. i'm know, i'm tearing up listening to taylor swift. i really need to pull myself together! watching my kids grow up is bittersweet. i want them to stay little and sweet and mine forever. i want to protect them from anything that will hurt them. but obviously growing up is part of life and man is it fun watching them grown up. life just gets sweeter and sweeter. a few weeks ago logan moved into a bed. it made him instantly seem so much older and less and less like my baby. i had to take a picture of him in his crib on his last night.
 and logan's move into a bed meant this little girl got to upgrade! the poor thing has been sleeping in a pack 'n play for 8 months. i know she hasn't cared, but it made me a little sad for her.
 logan was so excited for his big boy bed. he jumped on it, drove his cars on it and just thought it was the coolest thing.
however right after we took the picture below and were about to leave him for his first time sleeping in the bed (for his nap) i think it suddenly sunk in that we expected him to sleep in the bed. i can't get over how little he looks in the big bed!
for the first few days i had to go in multiple times when he went down for his nap to tell him to stop playing and get back in bed. i told him once he gets in bed he can't get out and he needs to make a good choice. he's really good now at staying in bed and has only fallen out once! he still calls for us to come and get him out of bed in the morning and after his nap. it rocks and i am going to enjoy it for as long as it lasts (the funny thing is he will get up and turn on his music and his twlight turtle and then get back into bed and call for us to come get him). without fail the first thing he says proudly is, "i slept in my big boy bed!" often it is followed by, "i didn't get out. i made a good choice!"  
 and sweet emma finally got a real crib! i forgot to take a picture of her before her first nap, but she looks so little in the crib after seeing logan in there (probably because he also slept with 7 of his "friends" and it was a full house in there)

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Amy said...

Hooray for them! Especially Emma who gets to upgrade. Funny reading this because tonight we JUST put Megan in a big bed for the first time.