Thursday, December 8, 2011

here comes santa claus

the day after thanksgiving we headed to downtown littleton to watch santa light the trees on main street. he rode in his sleigh (truck) down the street and the trees lit up as he went past. it was pretty magical and something i have wanted to do for years. it was a fun (and chilly) way to kick off the christmas season. it ended up being a lot colder than any of us anticipated (with a really cold wind that kicked up) and we did our best to stay warm. we got to see some real reindeer and logan even scored a light up "sword" from gammy and pappy. 
 if you are at all familiar with the cartoon "thundercats" in the picture above logan is saying, "sword of omens, give me sight beyond sight."
the boys. it was definitely not shorts weather (although sterling often wears shorts in weather i wouldn't consider shorts weather. crazy!)
we were booking it back to the cars to get warm but everyone humored me and stopped so we could take a picture. just moments before santa had come down that street and lit up all the trees behind us. 

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