Monday, November 14, 2011

weekend gratitude

 i've had a fun time reading people's gratitude posts this month and although i'm not doing one daily, i thought i'd share some of the things i was grateful for this weekend (and today).
inspiring church meetings and personal revelation (where dave and i look at each other and know the speaker said just what we needed to hear)
wonderful family members that babysit (and love) our kids
spending time with fun girls (one of the perks of my job)
a morning run with dave and the kids on a perfect fall morning
stopping at the park during our run for logan to play
watching "the big bang theory" with dave (hilarious show)
mac 'n cheese from noodles and company
playdates. not only are they good for logan but they are so good for me. i love chatting with other moms, learning from them, watching how they parent and just building friendships.
the power of prayer
the way emma looks at me with her big blue eyes
the way logan plays pretend
that i get to be a mom to the 2 cuties above
cuddling with dave
laughing with dave
good health
having such a wonderful partner in this parenting adventure
yummy grilled cheese sandwiches
personal scripture study where i feel like the lord is tutoring me through the spirit
family dance parties. the number one song choice that gets the kids smiling and dancing (and that logan asks for by name):
"baby" by justin bieber (the wesslers have a little bieber fever. dave will try to deny it, but it's true)

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Stephanie said...

Beibs!! Cami listens to "Baby" at least 5 times a day. It's the way she kicks off every dance session. She must also wear a "twirly" dress. Can't listen to the Beiber without a twirly dress!