Monday, November 14, 2011

emma: 7 months

i know i just posted emma's 6 month update, but i decided to actually try and post closer to her actual month mark (imagine that!). this little beauty turned 7 months on friday (11.11.11). she had a diaper blowout earlier today and since i was already stripping her down, it seemed like the perfect time to take a few pictures.
  • this girl loves to eat (just like her mom and dad)! whenever we feed her solids she acts like she can't get enough (and grunts if we take too long in between bites to remind us to hurry up). she still watches closely as the rest of us eat. i think she is anxious for some table food.
  • she was soo close to rolling today (after i was done taking pictures), but still not ready i guess.
  • she will turn around and look up at us when we're holding her. it's so cute!
  • when i am holding her, she has to know where dave is (if he's in the room). she will squirm and twist around until she finds him and then will just stop and stare at him. and vice versa, when he's holding her she always has to know where i am.
  • she gets easily distracted while nursing.
  • is a mama's girl (although she is still crazy about her dad).
  • is really good at leaning over (folding herself in half) to grab toy while she is sitting and then getting herself back up with the toy.
  • is content to sit on the floor and play with toys. i love it! logan will often come and sit down next to her and play. although lately the contentment ends when logan pushes her over.
  • is having a rough couple of weeks with sleeping. she has been waking up almost every night at least one time. dave and i are completely baffled and don't know what to do. we're pretty anxious for her to return to sleeping through the night.
  • she loves to suck on our hoodie zippers
  • her hair is getting thicker and darker
  • she enjoys sucking on logan's cars and trains and he is usually good to share with her (although whatever she is playing with suddenly becomes a lot more interesting to him when she's got it)
  • she likes to bite fingers
  • she loves to dance with us to music
  • she loves to chew on her socks
  • she doesn't love to get her diaper changed, although dave seems to be able to calm her down when he does it (too bad he's not around in the day to change more ;)

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The Carlson Crew said...

Okay, I think Emma's little thighs might rival our Rylee's thighs. Don't you love them! I really have never seen any baby get close. Way to go, Emma!!! :)