Thursday, November 17, 2011


i had a little (ok, BIG) cooking disaster on tuesday night involving spicy tomato soup and my blender. instead of crying like i wanted to right after it happened i decided to take a picture. the pictures don't even do the mess justice. it's funny to look at the pictures now, although it wasn't funny at the time (i was running late and did not have the time to deal with the huge mess).
 in the midst of my cleaning i looked over and saw logan putting a "birthday hat" (it's a horn) on emma's head and singing happy birthday. it made me happy!
thank goodness for those little cuties that help put things into perspective!


Holly said...

I read "cookie disaster" at first, not "cooking." Made me really wonder what type of cookies you would make with tomato sauce. Lovely wall. Maybe you should think about designing the whole wall that way! :)

Amy said...

I also misread it at first and had the same thought! Funny. That stinks! Way to take a picture and have a good attitude!