Wednesday, November 2, 2011

emma: 6 months

i know this sounds cliche, but i cannot believe emma is 6 months old (actually she is closer to 7 months now, but i did take the pictures right after she turned 6 months. i've just been slow to post). the time has flown by and it is hard to imagine our family without her. we're all crazy about her! 

here are her stats:
14 pounds 5.5 ounces - 25th percentile
25 1/4 inches - 30th percentile
42 cm - 40th percentile
  • she continues to be super smiley and happy
  • she sits up like a pro (and has very good posture i might add). she likes to sit and play with toys.
  • she grabs whatever is in reach: my glass of milk (she pulled it over a few weeks ago), the cupcakes at her cousins birthday party, my hair (which is falling out like crazy), the zippers and drawstrings on hoodies
  • she is starting to giggle. dave is the best at getting her to laugh.
  • she puts everything into her mouth: paper, toys, her hands
  • she loves rice cereal and starts making excited noises as soon as she sees it
  • she loves baths and kicks around like crazy. it doesn't even seem to bother her when she gets water in her face (which is good since she takes a bath with logan and she's bound to get splashed on occasion)
  • she loves to touch faces and squeals when she gets your face
  • she's starting to get the hang of the jumper and is actually starting to bounce
  • she loves her brother. when he's in the room she tries to watch whatever he is doing. she's looks like she is so eager to be a part of whatever he is doing. 
  • she gets so excited when we go to get her out of bed. she gives us a huge smile and usually a squeal. and if logan is with us she is even more excited!
  • she's a good sleeper except when she has had teeth coming in and then she'll usually wake up in the night and need a little love. 
  • she loves to be held and be with people. she wants to be included with whatever is going on and doesn't like being left in a room by herself.
  • she is a hit in the kid's club at the gym. i wasn't anxious for emma to grow up, but i was excited for her to reach 6 months so she could go to the kid's club at the gym!
  • she was able to go off her reflux medicine and seems just fine! so hopefully that means she has outgrown it!
  • she only likes to sleep in her bed. she will rarely fall asleep in our arms or her carseat (unless we're driving somewhere) even if she is really tired.
  • she has stopped sucking her thumb and seems to be committed solely to the binkie.
everything eventually ends up in this girl's mouth
whenever i am taking a picture of emma logan insists on joining her.

when i look at this picture i just imagine emma saying, "hey-a" (just the way her mouth looks). i can't figure out how to type it phonetically the way i hear it in my head! oh well!

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