Friday, September 9, 2011

john williams spectacular

for father's day i got dave tickets to the colorado symphony. they were doing a whole night dedicated to the music of john williams and i knew dave would love it. i was right! he was really excited and it's always a good feeling when you totally nail a gift! john williams is amazing! that guy has seriously composed music for soo many movies. the first half of the concert were scores from "superman," "jaws," "indiana jones," "schindler's list," "jurassic park," the conductor was pretty nerdy (in a good way) and shared lots of interesting facts in between the music. he was pretty entertaining, which made the concert even more enjoyable.
the second half of the concert were all scores from star wars and we about died when the conductor walked out dressed in a jedi robe (the hood was up when he walked out) and started conducting the orchestra with a pink glow-stick (his light saber)! eventually he took off the robe, but still conducted the rest of the night dressed as a jedi. it rocked! you'll have to forgive the quality of the pictures, but they were taken on my phone (we were on the front row!).
then the conductor jedi called up princess leia from the audience. we just thought she was a hardcore star wars fan there to see the concert.
but as the show went on there were other "special guests."
it was awesome! and if you know dave at all, you can imagine that he was in heaven! seriously, slam dunk gift on my part (although i didn't know anything about the special guests, it was a fantastic surprise)! my favorite part was when they played "the imperial march" and darth vadar and the imperial guards marched out on stage. you better believe that after the concert we waited in line to get our picture taken.

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