Tuesday, September 20, 2011

bikes races (usa pro cycling challenge)

at the end of august logan, dave and pete (dave's dad) went camping for a couple of days and saw the usa pro cycling challenge, considered the most challenging bike race held on American soil. for about a month before the trip logan would ask about camping and seeing the bike races. poor kid, he probably thought the trip was never going to come! and then for weeks after the trip everyday (often multiple times a day) he would tell me, "go camping with daddy and pappy and see the bike races!" to say the trip was a hit would be an understatement.
they spent the day in crested butte and had a lot of time to kill while waiting for the bikers (hours of waiting to see the bikers fly by in a matter of seconds). so they wandered around the town, ate pizza, watched the locals bike race and the hand cyclists. crested butte looks like a cool little town i would like to visit. i was happy to hear that logan was a champ during all of the waiting (and without a nap)!
check out that dude's arm! whoa!
 hand cyclists - amazing and so inspiring. some of these bikers competed (and medaled i think) in the summer olympics in beijing.
 these two are best buds
 logan loved cheering, "go bikers!" and now when we are on a run and pass a cyclist on the trail wearing a jersey, logan will often say "go biker!"
 each of the teams had support crews that would follow them throughout the race (it was a week long race).
 along the road up to cottonwood pass
 his face looks a little like he is upset, but i think it was actually excitement!
until next year (when it will hopefully be a family event and not just a boys trip)...

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