Saturday, September 10, 2011


9.10.11 has proven to be a good day (besides just being a cool date)!

dave and i ran a 5K this morning. it was dave's first 5K (or race of any kind) and my first one in awhile (and of course logan and emma's first race too). the weather was perfect and the race had a great community feel to it (cheerleaders from a bunch of local high schools cheered us off at the starting line and a marching band even played). i pushed the kids in the stroller and i learned that it isn't easy to maneuver a stroller through a race (duh). but seriously, i got stuck behind way too many walkers for way too long. i'd like to think that is why my time wasn't as good as i wanted, but it's probably just because i'm not in my best shape. i'm soo proud of dave. he has told me more than once that he is not a runner (like every time i've begged him to run with me previously). but he finished the race way under his goal time and he even liked it ;) it was so fun! plus, the food at the end seriously rocked. not your typical race food. there were booths set up with noodles and company, morton's steakhouse, mad greens, il fornaio, pasquinis, jason's deli, yia yia's, a frozen yogurt shop. like i said, awesome! i can't wait for our next race together!

afterward i baked pumpkin chocolate chip bread which made my house smell amazing and made it feel like fall. dave finished a paper for school, finished writing his talk for church and finished preparing his lesson to teach to the young men at our church. talk about productive! we finished off the night at the annual stake fair that our church puts on. it was the perfect night filled with lots of yummy food, friends and little games. and logan got a green truck painted on his face (by one of the sweet young women i used to work with). bring on the rest of september! i think it's going to be a good month!

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Amy said...

Way to go on the 5K! You make it look fun (which is saying a lot for me - i'd rather clean many dirty toilets than run).