Monday, September 19, 2011

emma: 4 & 5 months

i am woefully behind at blogging, which is apparent since this post is capturing both months 4 and 5 of emma's life! when i was taking these pictures she was definitely not into it. she was hungry and my determination to finally take her monthly picture (which was delaying her feeding) did not make for a happy baby or good pictures. so i finally gave up and figured something was better than nothing (i did take the bottom right hand picture after i fed her and i love how she still has the red nose and cheeks, aka: nursing face).

these days emma:
  • is getting 2 bottom teeth (and possibly another in the back). she started getting her 1st tooth at 4 months and it has taken it's time coming in. teething doesn't make emma a happy girl, especially during the night.
  • is always grabbing at stuff and putting stuff in her mouth (see the 1st picture). probably a product of teething. she love to bite down on our fingers (and she's got a sharp bite) and she loves to suck on my necklaces (and pull my hair).
  • still gives the biggest smiles and is a content baby
  • is not rolling yet. she gets so close but can't seem to make it over her arm. luckily she has a great helper in logan. he is always happy to "help" her roll (and he is so proud of himself when he does).
  • is a squealer. she is one loud baby! she especially squeals when i am burping her between sides when i am nursing her. she squeals in protest that her meal has been interrupted.
  • often fights her naps. but i fight back (as in i leave her in her crib and let her cry herself to sleep).
  • in addition to taking a binky she is a thumb sucker! talk about a double whammy! she seems to be preferring her thumb more and more these days.
  • is grabbing his feet. i think it is so cute when babies find their feet. 
  • constantly watches logan and seems to want to do what he is doing. patience baby!
  • like clockwork, at dinnertime emma wants to be held. if we try and put her in her bumbo or swing while we eat she wails the whole time. we finally relent and one of us holds her. she watches us intently as we eat and is always reaching for our drink. i think she might be ready to try solid food. i was planning on waiting until she was 6 months and we will see if she can hold off a little longer (i'm not anxious for the extra time it will take to feed her solids). if anything, maybe we'll get her a sippy cup right now!
  • wants to be where the action is. she doesn't like being left alone in a room.
for my records her 
4 month stats:
12 pounds 11 oz. - 20th percentile
25 inches - 70th percentile
41.25 cm - 50th percentile

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Macquel said...

I love that she is eating that paper for the pic ;) haha-- that's what 4-5 months is all about anyway right, what they can get in their mouth?? I think it's very fitting and cute. I love how many pics you take!! What a cute family you have!