Monday, September 5, 2011

airplane park

i grew up going to airplane park (technically it's belleview park, but i don't think i even knew that until a few years ago). i have memories of spending every 4th of july there at our ward breakfast; playing softball, riding the train, playing in the creek and climbing on the airplane (which sadly you can't climb on anymore. in fact, it's a different airplane). and now i am bringing my kids here. crazy! and so fun that they will be able to create memories here too! back in july while my whole family was in town we spent a day at the park. we rode the train, visited the petting zoo and played in the creek. logan loved it all (well, initially he was scared of the train but he got over it)!
after the park we spent the evening hanging out at my parent's house. i love all the little kids eating at their little picnic table. the bigger kids love to eat on the hill.

logan loves basketball and is always asking to play. mark hooked him up this night! the best part was after he dunked it, he got down and ran over to dave and said, "daddy, i swam dunk it!" he was so proud!
ava and brandon brought their scooters from nyc. they are scooter pros! logan desperately wanted to ride the scooter and ava was nice enough to share her pretty pink one...and her pink hello kitty helmet. i think he looks so cute! both brandon and ava tried to show him how to ride it, but he did not want to be told what to do (like how he should put one foot on the scooter)! in fact, he preferred just to push the scooter around rather than riding it.
and of course there was a lot of wrestling to wrap up the night.

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Natalie said...

I remember Airplane Park with the ward! thanks for bringing back the memories. So fun!