Thursday, July 7, 2011


logan loves trains! dave and i have become pretty familiar with thomas the tank engine and all his friends (not to mention the incredible music the show features!). logan points out the train (light rail) whenever we're driving and we decided it was finally time for him to ride the train at the zoo.

dave did the honors of accompanying logan. he seemed to especially love driving past the flamingos (he kept talking about it the rest of the day).

i stayed with emma who spent most of our zoo time sleeping in the stroller.

a failed attempt to get a cute picture of me and both kids. obviously logan was having none of it (glad we caught a picture of me strong arming him, trying to keep him in place) and doesn't the top of emma's head look cute! oh well. maybe this is a more accurate portrayal of life than all of us sitting and smiling nicely (although i would still like one of those pictures).

and just to go along with the train theme, logan is making sure emma is getting her introduction early. here she is napping with thomas and his coaches.

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