Wednesday, July 13, 2011

4th of july weekend

i just realized i never posted about our fourth of july weekend, so here we go. on saturday we headed to the cherry creek arts festival. it's full of cool art, but everything is so expensive it's a wonder anyone buys it (obviously people with more money than us!). it was probably not the best place to bring a bunch of kids for fear they might knock over the $3,000 porcelain bowl. but all the kids did great and we ended up at "the wizard's chest," a favorite store of dave and i's that was much more kid friendly!

it was so hot walking around that we came home and crashed

we started out the 4th of july celebrating with my parent's ward. every year there is good food and good company. this year was HOT HOT HOT! i seriously felt like i was going to melt.

after his nap (hence just the diaper...we don't have a/c), dave introduced logan to pop-it (snaps). logan thought they were pretty cool. definitely cooler than the sparkler we tried to give him later that he was scared of.

kari and sterling had us over for a bbq. we realized this is our third 4th of july together! after dinner we lit off our own fireworks (although don't mention it to sterling because he was pretty disappointed with how many duds there were). logan was especially fond of the "jumping jacks," but really i think he just liked the name (he was still talking about them to sterling today on the phone).

this was my contribution to the bbq. i love fruit pizza and probably could have eaten this whole thing myself if i wasn't required to share.

emma has a great pouty face (although this one does look a little weird) and i love that smile!

the fireworks show in highlands ranch was awesome. we were right by where they were shooting them off and it was amazing (dave and sterling were already planning for how to get an even better spot next year). but it freaked logan out. like big time. i had to stand and rock him, while singing primary songs in his ear the whole time. he eventually calmed down but still didn't want to even look at them. the finale put him into a complete tizzy and he kept saying, "go home," but the second it was over he was totally fine. in fact he spent the whole ride home talking about the "colors up in the sky" and telling us what colors he saw. apparently they were a lot cooler (and he was a lot braver) after the fact. we feel so blessed to live in a free country and are grateful for the sacrifices so many are making and have made.

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