Wednesday, July 27, 2011

logan turns two!

it's hard to put into words how much i love this boy. he has made me so happy over the past two years (where did the time go?). 
he's the one that made me a mom and has made my heart grow and expand like i couldn't imagine. i feel so lucky to be his mom and to be able to be home with him everyday!

things i want to always remember about logan at 2 years old:

how he has become quite independent. we hear "do it myself" a lot

how excited he always is to see his dad and how he tells his dad all about his day (often making up people he saw or places we went)

how he always wants us to watch what he is doing...going down the slide, driving his trains etc.

what a good sleeper he is and how much he loves (and needs) his naps 

how he likes the idea of watching a movie or show but 10 minutes into it he is off playing again. but he likes it on for background noise and always wants to "watch" another as soon as the show ends

how he loves swimming and doesn't want any help (thank goodness for floaties). he loves to jump off the edge of the pool and he doesn't want to be caught. he likes to go under water and then bob up to the surface.

how much he loves to be outside. it's always a battle to get him to come inside.

how we have constant commentary wherever we go. "look at the car/train/truck etc." "here we go through the tunnel/up the hill" "look at the doggie/bicycle etc" now he has started to point things out to emma which is so cute. the times when i run or drive by myself i catch myself about to comment on whatever car/truck/train/bicycle/dog i see before i realize he isn't with me

how he says, "come on, sit down" and will pat the floor or couch to indicate where we need to be

how he loves to sing songs and listen to music "i am a child of god," "wheels on the bus," "old macdonald had a farm," "twinkle twinkle little star," "mary had a little lamb," "frere jacques"

how when he sees a candle burning he will say happy birthday and how he can sing happy birthday

how when you ask him when his birthday is he will say july, he can tell you the day is the 13th and he can tell you he is two (although you have to ask the questions in the right order)

how he loves to read

how he is all boy. he loves balls, trucks, trains, cars

how he tells us he loves us

how he says "bye mommy" or "bye daddy" when we put him down for bed

how he says prayers and reads scriptures with help (and is so proud of himself)

how much he loves his extended family and asks to go to gammy and pappy's or nana and papa's at least daily

how he sleeps with a crib full of "friends"

how good he is at learning and remembering names

how many times a day i hear "it's mine." according to him, everything is his. no logan, the couch is not yours. sorry to break it to you!

how sometimes he talks in a growl. i don't know how else to describe it. it's pretty funny though!

how he refers to himself in the third person. "it's logan's fan."

how good he is at climbing up on things. now he can climb up on our bed and up on our tall kitchen chairs. he also likes to climb up on the toilet and turn on the bathroom sink and play in the water. i've had to start closing the bathroom door. 

how he suddenly seems so grown up.

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