Sunday, November 2, 2008

halloween fun

the week before halloween we went to a fun "adults only" halloween party (not that it really applies to us since we don't have kids, but all of our friends do). the attendees included:

the gordon's our host and hostess: hardcore outdoors people


the jardine's: goth girl and smurf (i wanted you folks to catch all angles of the smurf)

the smith's: a crazy pair of dice

the washburn's: superman/clark kent and butterfly woman

the dix's: don't let the red hair fool you, they were chinese

the east's: the tooth fairy and calvin with trusty hobbs

jake schafer and us: robin hood, wolverine and eqyptian lady

these two guys love halloween and always come up with crazy costumes

dave wanted to be wolverine last year. he even tried to make his claws using duct tape and our butter knives. it didn't quite work out. this year we bought the claws at a costume store and let me just say, it was worth the $5

check out those chops on wolverine

do you remember that game mafia from back in the day? well we played it and i have to say it was really fun. mindy made us all think she was a bad liar and would give it away if she was the mafia, but she pulled it off. cole, "the quiet one," also managed to be mafia without getting caught.

and let me say, the east's also couldn't be trusted...mafia...both of them.

i think the gordon's may have started a halloween tradition!
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*thanks to mindy, i stole the pictures of the couples off her blog :)

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Anonymous said...

No need to see ALL angles of the Smurf. :)