Tuesday, November 25, 2008

rise and shout the cougars are out!

a couple of weeks ago we headed south to the air force academy to watch the cougars battle it out with the falcons. we joined about 300 other “true blue” cougar fans before the game for a tailgate party, complete with a dj, the byu cheerleaders, catering by costa vida and raffles. 

we ran into our friend seth jenson at the tailgate party. i was sad meg wasn't there

please note when i say we joined other true blue fans that actually means me because dave rooted for the falcons. apparently his loyalty to his state is stronger than his loyalty to his wife. so he and jake sat amid byu fans and cheered for air force (i still love him despite his lapse in judgment). 

falcon fans

too bad they chose the wrong team to cheer for. the cougars were victorious 38-24! 

with some other true blue cougar fans: anna, chris and sascha gordon. it was sascha's first game! 

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Seth Jenson said...

I was sad Meg wasn't there too but glad to see you guys. I love it when I show up on your blog. :)