Monday, November 3, 2008

grateful to have a choice

i must admit that more than once over the last month or two i have looked forward to november 4th for a reprieve from all the political ad campaigns and the bipartisan bickering. i get fed up pretty easily with politics and all the crap that seems to come with it. tonight dave and i read about the ammendments and filled out our ballots for fhe (nothing like waiting till the 11th hour, eh?). as we discussed our options and made our decisions on different issues and eventually who we would personally choose to lead our country for the next four years, i felt so grateful to be a citizen of this great country and to actually have a say in what happens here and who will lead us. and while i am only one person, it feels good to have an opportunity to cast my opinion as i vote. but with all that said, i sure won't miss all the ads (and i know dave won't miss all the phone calls).

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Anna Cosby said...

I have been one of those pesky callers. Sorry Dave! I voted yesterday and then totally forgot about it all until this morning. I guess I haven't been too concerned.