Saturday, November 8, 2008


last night dave and i had the incredible opportunity to accompany the missionaries on one of their appointments. we met paul and loni, an incredible couple hungry for the truth and excited about taking the steps that will bring them closer to christ (coming back to church for loni and being baptized for paul). seriously, they were *amazing* and it was a joy and privilege to be there with them. the lesson was on the restoration and the spirit was strong and powerful. i am grateful for a heavenly father who will continue to send his spirit to confirm truth. as the missionaries taught about joseph smith and the book of mormon, the spirit confirmed to me that it IS TRUE! the same thing happened as dave shared his testimony and experiences and i shared mine. i love that! i loved sitting next to my husband and teaching the gospel. i loved having him as my companion and i can't wait until one day we get to do it together full time and wear the black name tags! in the meantime (since that is a long way off) it has inspired me to be better at sharing the gospel. there is nothing like it in the world. we left on a high last. we are so blessed to know the truth. we are so blessed to know we have a heavenly father who loves us, who has a plan for us, who has sent a prophet to lead us in His ways, to show us the way have peace and joy, to teach us truth that will strengthen us as individuals and families and bring us back to Him!

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Amy said...

Sounds like a neat experience. Doesn't it bring back the good ol' mission days?? Just Sunday I felt to give away my BOM I was reading to the lady next to me on the plane. I almost chickened out 50 times, but she took it and we talked about several other things about the church. I'm so glad I did it and hopefully it leads to something significant in her life.