Wednesday, November 27, 2013

halloween 2013

i decided a realistic goal was to post halloween pictures by thanksgiving. barely made it! whew! while dave and i would have loved to do a cute themed costume for the whole family, logan and emma both had their minds set on what they wanted to be. and really, how could we deny them? they were so excited to be optimus prime (a transformer) and princess tangled (aka rapunzel)!
the saturday before halloween we hit up the halloween village at church and the kids were so excited to finally wear their costumes! emma must have found a treat at the cookie table that had peanuts in it because on the drive home she puked everywhere (and had a rash on her chest and was a little wheezy). thank goodness for benadryl! and we learned that her rapunzel dress hand washes quite nicely ;) we were also reminded that cleaning up puke is one of the less fun things about parenthood.
happy halloween from this little ghost!
to get into the spirit of the holiday, dave even got himself a real mohawk (pardon the really bad lighting)!

it was pretty windy on halloween night which made things pretty chilly. as a result we didn't trick or treat as long as we had planned. and i must admit, i was pretty bummed because it meant a smaller stash of candy to steal from :( but the kids were pleased with their haul!
one of our neighbors was handing out toothbrushes. as a peace offering (so she hopefully would find fewer toothbrushes in her yard this year), she also had a photobooth. we struggled a little getting a good shot! but we had fun trying!
a visit to grandma lorrie's to show off halloween costumes. connor was the only one to cooperate for a picture.
the kids were excited to wear their costumes again and "trick or treat" at gammy and pappy's the day after halloween.
of course gammy and pappy hooked them up!
this is my favorite costume! worn first by cousins cade and carter, followed by logan and now connor! i can hardly handle the cuteness of this little lion!

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