Sunday, November 24, 2013

emma at two and a half

i am crazy about this little girl!
emma is at such a fun age right now. she is so full of personality and spice! but she is also so sweet! let me tell you, this girl is a lover! she will randomly come and give hugs and kisses and snuggle for a minute, before she is off and running again! even if she doesn't know someone very well, she is more than happy to give them a hug. almost everyday when dave gets home from work she tells him, "i miss you daddy" in the sweetest voice. it practically melts our hearts! and she continues to love on connor like it is her job! she is always in his face giving him hugs and especially kisses. 
she is very polite (and almost always without prompting). she says please, thank you and sorry if she bumps you. and her apologies are always accompanied with a hug and usually a kiss. 
she can almost dress herself completely! and most of the time if we try to help she says, "i do it!" it's fantastic!
she loves to sing songs. it's not unusual for her to sing herself to sleep.
she loves to dance. the second music comes on she begins to shake it. and let me tell you, this girl can move her hips! she honestly looks like she is latin dancing. it is amazing!
she loves to color
she keeps logan awake during naps and at night. so much so, we've had to separate them during naps and we put logan down at night in our room and move him into their room later. 
she is very concerned with owies on herself and others.
she is so happy and good natured
she has thick, dark eyelashes and amazing eyes. we're not quite sure what color they are, but they are beautiful!
she is a crazy sleeper! my favorite is when she has her little bum up in the air!
she is very girly! she loves princesses (especially "tangled" aka rapunzel) and dress upshe calls herself princess emma! she loves to walk in my high heels (and the play ones at my parent's house). but she also loves cars, trucks and trains because of logan! just last week she packed all cars and trucks in her backpack to take to church!
she is a tough little girl. a couple of months ago both she and logan had bad coughs. she would cough and practically hack up a lung, but it wouldn't even phase her. logan on the other hand would cough and you would think the world was ending!
she loves to help me with whatever i am doing. she helps me cook, dust, clean the bathroom, put in the laundry, sweep and mop and she unloaded all of the silverware by herself recently. i love how much she loves to help (even if it does increase the time it takes to do stuff).
i love her up on her little tip toes!
one day while i was cooking dinner, logan ran in excitedly and told me to come to their room. emma had just learned how to crawl out of her crib! and i thought to myself, "oh no! life has just changed!" the next night she wandered into our room around 2am, but besides that, she's good at staying in bed until morning. and now when she and logan wake up, she can get out on her own and they play while i sleep a little longer! ;)
she loves her little brother so much! she is always covering him up with a blanket, giving him a binkie (even if he doesn't want it) and kissing him. it really is so sweet!
the little hat that came with connor's blessing outfit.
walking their babies (connor was in the bassinet part of the stroller under the seat. dave's not pushing an empty stroller ;)
she has become a more picky eater and it is not unusual for her to say, "dat's yucky! i don't like that" about dinner (even though she usually hasn't ever tried it. grrr!). she loves fruit, chicken, has a bagel and cream cheese for breakfast every morning and would eat a whole thing of hummus if i let her!
just browsing the pottery barn kids catalog...nude! 
waving to the ducks while on at walk at wash park on a perfect fall day
emma is still in speech once a week. she talks a ton, so now we're working on a few sounds she's having trouble with (f, k & c. if a word starts with an "f" she says "s" and "c" & "k" words she say "t"). i want to remember some of the typical things she is saying right now:
i miss you bubba 
(or dat-tee or mommy. she calls logan bubba)
woden and tonner (logan and conner)
wight hee-uh (right here)
poopy di-puh (poopy diaper)
pink wips (lips), pink eyes (not sure about the pink eyes)
that's wude (rude)
tum (come) mommy
toppy tisses (sloppy kisses)
na na  boo boo eye-uh see you (nan nana boo boo, i can't see you)
oh-tay (okay)
tickle tickle (said in a baby-talk voice)
tippy toes (while walking across our cold tile floor on her tippy toes)
oh tool (cool)!
top trying bubba! (stop crying bubba! said to him in a sort of annoyed voice, while he was crying for some silly reason).
woo hoo! (one of my favorites right now)
she can count to 20

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