Wednesday, November 27, 2013

connor: 4 months

this cute baby is 4 months today! that's right, i said today. this might be the first time i have ever taken pictures and posted on the actual month-iversary! i'm going to pat myself on the back :)
these days connor is:
sucking on his fingers like crazy! he actually doesn't suck his thumb much anymore (yea!). why suck on 1 thumb when you can suck on 4 fingers at the same time?!
he gives cute big sighs
he is giggling a lot these days and it is fantastic!
he is a rockstar sleeper! he sleeps 12 hours (usually 7-7 or 7:30-7:30). we had a rough few days after daylight savings changed where he started waking up around 4:30 am, but luckily he got back on track fairly quickly. 
he loves to be held! i think he would prefer to be held all the time if he could.
he is a snuggler and we love it! we've never had a snuggly baby before.
just recently he has started getting really fussy during the "witching hour" (around 4-6 pm) and just wants to be held. of course there couldn't be a worse time since that is right when i am trying to make and serve dinner and get the kids ready for bed (and usually by myself since dave isn't home yet). 
 the poor thing has a little cold. i am sure it is thanks to emma, who got a cold and constantly smothers him with kisses. i can't tell if it bothers him, but he is a little congested.
he rolled from his belly to his back for the first time last week (11/22). 
he is adored by his siblings. 

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