Sunday, November 8, 2009

first halloween

the day started off with a walk, which included jumping puddles and avoiding big piles of snow.
while wearing this cute halloween outfit from jessica one last time
really this last time was pushing it. what was supposed to be pants had turned into capris on our long baby boy (and i don't usually support capris on males)
then we headed to the ward trunk or treat. logan was thrilled...can you tell?! we didn't get a single picture of him smiling (as you will see below)
i know the next pictures all look the same, but we were a little camera happy (hello, it was logan's first halloween...we couldn't help it) and i didn't want to decide which "up close, pouty lion face" picture to leave out! by the way, dave was a lion hunter (check out the huge scar on his face from an angry lion) and me, well, i was along for the ride on the "safari."
a few trunk or treat highlights (mostly cute kiddos in costume). check out the car below. it was awesome! can you tell phill loves halloween?!


Amy said...

That lion suit is HILARIOUS! He looks thrilled to be in it (not!). He looks cute, though.

Kari said...

I seriously have the cuttest Nephew ever!!! Thanks for making such a cute bundle of chub chub!!!