Thursday, January 9, 2014

giving thanks

we had a great thanksgiving this year. we watched the macy's thanksgiving parade and celebrated with a lot of dave's immediate and extended family. plus my parents were able to join us which made it even more special. i scored and only had to bring sweet potatoes. i used this recipe and i must say, it was amazing! do yourself a favor and make it next thanksgiving! life isn't perfect, but we sure are blessed and have a lot of be thankful for. i really wanted to try and have a more grateful heart this season and help my kids develop an attitude of gratitude. so each night we would say what we were thankful for from the day add a feather to our turkey gratitude jar so he wasn't a bald turkey (idea from here)! and when we ran out of feathers, we started over. the kids loved it and never let us forget.
the chick-fil-a cows riding in the mayflower logan made at preschool!
 we were trying to get a picture for our christmas card and kari caught this classic logan face. just imagine it accompanied with him saying, "if you do that, i'm not going to be your friend anymore" and you'll catch a glimpse of life with logan at this stage (luckily the last week or so we have had a return to our sweet boy. he can still pull the attitude, but it has diminished greatly and we are so grateful for that).
you gotta love a holiday that is focused on having a full heart and a fully belly!

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