Saturday, April 6, 2013

one big easter post

here's the scoop on all our various easter related activities: 

while the taylors were in town for spring break we did a little easter egg hunt at my parents house. although it wasn't necessarily little. we filled and hid over 100 eggs in my parents front and back yard and are fairly certain we found them all ;) i must have been enjoying the moment rather than taking pictures, because these are the only 2 i took.
we had a snowstorm hit the week before easter and it seemed like the perfect day to dye easter eggs since we were stuck inside. the kids were so excited. but this...
quickly turned into this, when someone tried to use the red dye that emma thought was hers and hers alone. wow! 
it was fun and i'm glad we did it, but it was just a reminder to have realistic expectations when doing stuff with 2 little people. i don't think it was quite the hit we were expecting. maybe next year...
our friends the east's host a fun easter egg hunt every year (20122011 dave and i can't get over how little the kids are. emma was just a few weeks old). we had perfect weather this year and were just missing dave, who had to work. boo! all of the kids were so excited for the hunt, but logan just wanted to stay inside and play with toys. i decided not to fight him about it, so this is where he hung out while emma went out and collected eggs.
easter morning the kids hunted for their baskets
and the easter bunny brought emma the sweetest book. it melts me. 
speaking of melting me...these 2 are the cutest! i loved their easter clothes!
we attended church with my parents and it was wonderful! i love attending their ward, the ward i still affectionately refer to as "my home ward," even though it hasn't been my home ward since i went to college. 
 we hung out with my parents for a couple of hours and then headed over to pete and kathy's. the kids got to participate in another easter egg hunt
and these eggs were filled with quarters! i thought it was so clever since gammy and pappy know how much the kids love to put coins in their piggy banks (they almost always come home from their house with pockets full of change). but dave told me that when he was growing up their eggs always had coins in them. fun that the tradition is being passed on to the next generation! 
their easter baskets were filled with fun things like bubbles and sidewalk chalk that they just had to try out!
i don't know what he was upset about, but i love this picture! he's also sporting his new big bro shirt!
pete and kathy got this awesome racetrack that the kids are obsessed with. emma did this for a few minutes. she's so funny.
we had such a great day spending time with our families. i am itching for a new adventure for our family in a new place, but days like this remind me how blessed we are to live close to both of our families. 
i am so grateful for easter! i am so grateful for our knowledge of the resurrection, to know that christ lives and that because of him, we too will live again one day. i have so much more to say about it, but that will have to suffice for tonight!

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