Wednesday, April 17, 2013

emma's princess party!

a couple of days after emma's actual birthday we had a small party with our families. we kept things pretty simple, well at least the party decor. dave had the idea of making homemade donuts which was really fun, although time consuming and messy. but they were so good and all the effort was totally worth it! i'm so grateful for dave. i usually come up with most of the ideas for the parties we do, but he is the one that helps make it all happen. as we were working away late the night before, i told him that some of my favorite memories of these parties is doing all the prep work with him. it's so fun to work on things together. the next morning he pampered the birthday girl by painting her nails and toes in preparation for her party. seriously, this guy rocks (he's also amazing at doing her hair)!
be prepared for a lot of pictures (but really, who's surprised by that?!). hopefully i can let the pictures speak for themselves...mostly :)
when logan heard we were doing a princess party he said he wanted to be a knight, so he could protect the princess. i wasn't able to find a full knight costume, but my friend stephanie pulled through and provided me with a helmet and sword, which logan thought rocked! thanks steph!
notice emma having a meltdown in the background. we quickly remedied that by opening presents! she actually didn't really care about the presents themselves (in the moment at least) and barely looked at the actual item she had just unwrapped, but she had a great time ripping them open! 
we had to laugh at all the identical envelopes
tutorial for her cute crown 
she loved being sung happy birthday to! 
and i could pretty much just eat her, she is so cute (that really is a strange expression, by the way)
my attempts at a cute picture with her = fail
she would not put down her juice, so here's our best family photo
wasted after partying hard!
happy 2nd birthday emma!

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Alison @ Oopsey Daisy said...

What a fun party!! I think throwing birthday parties is especially hard while pregnant :) Way to go!